Reliance Bank has added an EV Certificate

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Effective April 21st, 2014 Reliance Bank has added an extended validation (EV) certificate. You can now easily and reliably verify our Reliance Bank site’s identity and security by noticing the green bar over the website URL.

The EV triggers internet banking customers with a visual confirmation that they are on a valid website. What this means for you, our customer is that the address bar will look a little different. The information in the address bar will provide a special field that appears with the name of the legitimate web owner.

Instead of the address bar below:

The Reliance Bank customer will see something similar to the secure bar below:

Showing the legitimate website owner (in this case, Fiserv)

Each browser displays the EV certificate differently. The above sample is from Internet explorer.

Reliance Bank customers will still have their security challenge questions to choose when enrolling. The customer may be asked to answer one of their security questions if the device they are using (Computer, Mobile Phone or Tablet) is not recognized by the website.