Cash Management

Effectively Manage Your Funds.

Reliance Bank offers a complete line of cash management services to assist you in managing your cash flow. These include Balance Reporting to monitor your balances and activity; Zero Balance Accounts to simplify your account structure; Positive Pay to enhance payment security; ACH origination and online Wire capability for moving your money; Investment and Loan Sweeps to fine-tune your investment and/or borrowing activity; and exporting data to a spreadsheet or accounting software such as QuickBooks to save time. Talk to our experts to determine the best combination for your business.

Cash Management Services

Internet Banking

Allows you to view all of your Reliance Bank accounts and loans. You can also transfer funds between your accounts and make loan payments. The optional Bill Pay feature lets you pay your bills online. You can also initiate stop payments without having to go to the bank.

ACH Origination

You can save time by initiating ACH debits and credits. Whether you want to process direct deposit of payroll, or automatically debit your customers’ accounts for bills, this service makes it fast and easy. Originating ACH debits, instead of depositing checks, will give you quicker access to your funds.

Wire Transfer Origination

Domestic wire transfers can be sent from the comfort of your desk. This will give you peace of mind knowing that when you click your mouse, the wire is on its way.

Investment Sweep

If you business has at least $100,000 in “extra” balances that you need to keep liquid, why not put it to work for you? Any collected balance over a target amount can automatically sweep into a repurchase agreement to earn interest each night. If balances in your account fall below the target, funds would automatically transfer from the investment.

Zero Balance Account

If you would like to have a separate account for an activity, such as payroll, but keep funds in a “master” account and transfer only the amount needed to cover any checks presented for payment, this is the service for you.

Electronic Statements

Secure access to your Reliance Bank statement the first business day after it cycles. No more waiting to reconcile your account. No more delays from the post office.

Dedicated Professional Solutions.

Let Us Help  Maximize Your Cash Flows.
  • Positive Pay With Images
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Lockbox Services
  • Multi-Location Deposit Tracking
  • ScanFast Remote Deposit System
  • Courier Services
  • Loan Sweep

For more details on any of our Reliance Business Cash Management Services, give us a call at: 314-569-7200.